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Okay, I got a lot done today! I stayed home sick from school because Doc told me to, but I really wish I could've gone. (Major crush on a guy. You get the point.) But anyway, things that are now there and complete for your viewing pleasure:

-STATS (under the "About" tab)
-HISTORY OF APPEARANCES (under the "About" tab)
-FOUR SONGS (under "Fan Soundtrack" tab)
-LIONXHEATHER INFORMATION (under "Shippings" tab)
-SEVERAL LINKS (under "Links" tab)

Okay, so...yeah. I hope you appreciate and like all that I've done because I've worked really hard! I try to put as much detail as I can, and my neck hurts from staring at the computer screen. I'm putting this post belatedly (I've already had 67 visits! AAAH! I'm crazy merry happy about that!) but from here on out you can post your comments under these updates. Please tell me everything you think!




03/08/2008 06:20

This is a really nice shrine. ^^
Would you affiliate with me? ( {Cherrytail} and {Cloudtail})
For your "unsung" site, can I affiliate? ( {Fire x Spotted})

03/14/2008 13:20

HELLO! I absolutely LOVE Warriors! It's nice to finally meet another Warriors fan. Please visit my website! I only have one other person visit my site, besides me. She's my best friend. My favorite Warriors character is Graystripe! See you at my site! By the way, nice shrine. I like it a whole lot! BYE!!!!!!!


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