Late Afternoon



What is a shipping? It is a romantic pairing of two characters - in this case, cats. These shippings all have to do with Heatherpaw. If there is evidence available, it will be shown; if there is not, then it is considered a crack pairing, or "non-canon" - not seen in the books.




CATS INVOLVED Lionpaw of ThunderClan and Heatherpaw of WindClan
TYPE Canon and Forbidden
SEEN IN The Sight and
Dark River

"Suddenly a soft voice sounded in his ear. 'Are you Jaypaw's brother?'
He swung around to find a light brown tabby she-cat gazing at him with eyes the color of a late-afternoon sky. 'Y-yes,' he stammered. 'How did you know?'
'Berrypaw told me. I'm Heatherpaw, by the way.'
Because your eyes are the color of heather..."
-The Sight,
pg 135-136                                                                                                                                                          
In this paragraph, Lionpaw first begins to show his admiration for the pretty WindClan she-cat. He is nervous around her and immediately notices the interesting color of her eyes.

"'I still can't believe he was out alone when he's blind,' Heatherpaw breathed. 'He must be so brave!'
Lionpaw felt a twinge of envy. 'Most of the time he's just grumpy,' he told her. 'Especially nowthat he's been confined to the camp for a quarter moon.'"
-The Sight, pg 136
Lionpaw feels jealousy when Heatherpaw gushes about his brother. Now, what else could that mean?

"'Do you need some herbs for your wounds?' Heatherpaw asked him.
Lionpaw shook ihs head. 'Leafpool will treat them when we get home.'
Brambleclaw turned and headed out of the camp. The rest of the patrol filed after him. As they followed the twisting tunnel back up to the moorland, Lionpaw thought about what Jaypaw had said to Firestar. He had known that the dogs would come, too; had Firestar really refused to believe his brother's warning? Surely he would believe him next time - Jaypaw had been right. But thoughts of his brother quickly slid away, to be replaced with the memory of heather-colored eyes and a soft voice asking if he needed herbs."
-The Sight, pg 294
Lionpaw begins seriously thinking about Heatherpaw. His thoughts are consumed by her memory instead of what is more important - Firestar not believing his brother, who was right about the dogs.

"'Hello Heatherpaw,' he mewed coolly.
'You don't sound very pleased to see me.' The WindClan cat's ears twitched. 'I've been on my best behavior all moon so that Crowfeather couldn't possibly leave me behind.'
Lionpaw felt a flash of guilt about his lack of enthusiasm. Then anger pricked his paws. Why should he feel guilty? She was just a friend. 'I'm glad you made it,' he mewed."
-Dark River, pg 18
Heatherpaw makes it clear that she's very happy to see Lionpaw, and when he feels guilty for greeting her with rather less warmth, he is confused about his feelings. He's trying to convince himself out of what he feels.

"Slowly Lionpaw tore his gaze from Heatherpaw's and turned to face his sister. His eyes sparked with defiance. 'What are you doing here?'
'Looking for you!'
'Spying on me!"
Hollypaw flinched. "You shouldn't be here, playing with her!" She glared at Heatherpaw.
'Why not? She's just a friend.'
'A friend from another Clan!'
'You're friends with Willowpaw!'
'I don't sneak off every night to see her!'
-Dark River, pg 43
In this case, Hollypaw has realized what Lionpaw has not - that he and Heatherpaw are more than friends - when she catches them playing with a moss ball at the border in the middle of the night.

"'No!' Heatherpaw's mew was sharp with frustration. 'We mustn't tell anyone else. Don't you see? This can be our place!'"
-Dark River, pg 76
Heatherpaw makes it clear that she wants to be alone with Lionpaw in the tunnels by telling him that no one else can know, and that it will be "theirs".

"'Careful,' Heatherpaw warned. 'I don't want to lose you.''
-Dark River, pg 116
Obvious affection is shown by Heatherpaw when Lionpaw almost falls into the underground river and she worries that he could have been carried away.

"'It's going to be okay.' Lionpaw dropped onto four paws and pressed against the WindClan cat. Jaypaw was close enough to hear him whisper into her ear, 'Our time together will be something I remember even when I'm with StarClan.'
Heatherpaw trembled. 'There will be no borders between us there.'
-Dark River, pg 305
Possibly the most powerful quote in the book, and definitely the most powerful one between Heatherpaw and Lionpaw, this quote portrays the deep feeling racing between the two young apprentices and shows their bitterness at being separated by Clan boundaries.

FAN POPULARITY Fans seemed to be pleased by this pairing; they like the matchup of personality with Lionpaw and Heatherpaw. However, some prefer the pairings LIONXPOPPY, or LIONXHONEY, for example.


CATS INVOLVED Breezepaw of WindClan and Heatherpaw of WindClan
TYPE Non Canon and Allowed
SEEN IN The Sight and
Dark River

"Before Mousepaw could answer, a black tom with amber eyes trotted up to them. 'We ought to join our Clan,' he told Heatherpaw gruffly, ignoring the ThunderClan apprentices. 'The meeting's about to begin.'"
-The Sight, pg 137
Breezepaw, the black tom, tries to draw Heatherpaw away from the others, and ignores them entirely. Could this be a case of jealousy?

"'Oh, come on, Breezepaw!' Heatherpaw pleaded. 'Lighten up!' She gave his flank a nudge with her muzzle, then turned back to Lionpaw. 'It's hard to believe, but Breezepaw can be great fun on a good day.'"
-The Sight, pg 138
Heatherpaw shows slightly-obvious affection towards her Clanmate by touching him with her muzzle on his flank, and by describing that she does like hanging out with him, and he's fun to be with.

"'If they do, we can manage them by ourselves,' Breezepaw muttered.
'Breezepaw!' Nightcloud snapped. 'Heatherpaw might have been hurt without this brave apprentice.' She blinked gratefully at Lionpaw."
-The Sight, pg 293
Assuming that Breezepaw's 'mutter' is a sign of discontent, could it be that that discontent stems from exactly what Nightcloud said - that Lionpaw saved Heatherpaw? Maybe Breezepaw is jealous that Lionpaw leaped to Heatherpaw's rescue before Breezepaw himself could.

FAN POPULARITY So far this shipping has not gotten much rap. I have not seen it in fanfictions or the like.